- Malta Ridge Worlds!!  With Coach William Aligue. Intermediate/Advanced Paceline

    Training - Thursday Nights

*** 6th Annual Elevate Cycles/SCC/ SingleCut North Brewery Ride - (Date TBD) 
11am - $10 donation, Beer specials following ride.

Group Rides

Saratoga Cycling Club


 - 518 Twighlight CRITERIUM!! Tempo Loops with Coach William Aligue - Tuesday Nights

​ - "Sport" Group Ride - Wednesday Nights

 - Women's Intro to Group Riding/ Beginner Ride - Wednesday Nights

​***TINNEY"S HILLCLIMB CHALLENGE​ - (Date TBD) Registration 9:45-10:30 am. Mass start at 1st bridge at 11:15 am. $15 donation includes brunch & beverage after the climb.

 - 2nd Annual UNIFIED BEERWORKS RIDE - (Date TBD) Registration 10:30-10:50, Wheels rolling at 11am. 

 - Intro To Group Riding - Monday Nights

Saratoga Cycling Club rides are an enjoyable way to get in shape, learn about cycling and meet other cyclists that share the same passion and love of cycling. Our riders encourage one another, providing a stimulating and supportive environment that prepares you for larger rides. We offer a few different routes throughout the year, enabling you to challenge yourself with rides of greater difficulty. Our rides are self-paced, allowing riders to find others that ride at a similar pace. Please reference our FACEBOOK page for more info on upcoming rides. The FACEBOOK page is updated daily with upcoming ride info and route specifics.